HPE Broadcom BCM5719 Ethernet 1Gb 4-port BASE-T Adapter



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HPE Broadcom BCM5719 Ethernet 1Gb 4-port BASE-T Adapter

>  Is your data center constantly challenged to deliver increased security and reliability in a cost-effective and scalable solution for your network band width.

> The HPE Gen10 Plus Ethernet adapters are 1 Gb, 10 Gb, 10/25 Gb, 100 Gb, and 200 Gb Ethernet solutions that are scalable and compatible with HPE Gen10 Plus servers for hybrid cloud services,          mobile data, and streaming video applications.

>  Your server is the foundation of your data center, but it doesn’t work alone. When one link in your component chain slows down, so does the rest of your operation. Keep your network and data flowing         with a seamless ecosystem of HPE servers, networking adapters, transceivers, cables, and switches.

Key Features

Better Performance

HPE Gen10 Plus Ethernet adapters are engineered for an assortment of bandwidths and latency-sensitive applications.

The adapters reduce CPU utilization with support for a variety of I/O offloads including remote direct memory access (RDMA) and tunneling.

Reliability and Security

HPE Gen10 Plus Ethernet adapters authenticate updates for NICs, and help ensure that signed firmware is correct and trusted to reduce rogue firmware installation.

The adapters protect applications, data, and server infrastructure by authenticating digitally-signed firmware via a root-of-trust architecture.


Data rate: 1Gb

Number of ports: 4

Bus type: PCIe Gen2

Form Factor: Stand up

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