HPE BLc 10G SFP Plus SR Transceiver



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A 10-Gigabit transceiver in SFP+ form-factor that supports the 10-Gigabit SR standard, providing 10-Gigabit connectivity up to 400m on OM4 multi-mode fiber.


HPE BLc 10G SFP+ SR Transceiver

HPE 10 Gb SFP+ SR transceiver for HPE BladeSystem c-class

What's New

  • SFP+ form factor
  • 10G Ethernet transmission speed
  • 400m transmissions on OM4 multi-mode cable
  • 300m transmissions on OM3 multi-mode cable
  • 850nm wavelength

Specification's :

Connector type: LC

Ports1 LC 10-GbE port (IEEE 802.3ae Type 10Gbase-SR)
Duplex: full only

Cable type: 62.5/125 ?m or 50/125 ?m (core/cladding) diameter, graded-index, low metal content, multimode fiber optic, complying with ITU-T G.651 and ISO/IEC793-2Type A1b or A1a, respectively

Fiber type: Multi Mode

Maximum distance: 2-26m with 62.5 ?m multimode cable @ 160 MHz*km 2-33m with 62.5 ?m multimode cable @ 200 MHz*km 2-66m with 50 ?m multimode cable @ 400 MHz*km 2-82m with 50 ?m multimode cable @ 500 MHz*km 2-300m with 50 ?m multimode cable @ 2000 MHz*km

Wavelength: 850 nm

Transceiver form factor: SFP+

Detailed product description: HPE 10 Gb SFP+ SR transceiver for HPE BladeSystem c-class

Weight: 0.04 lb.(0.02 kg)

Minimum dimensions ( H x W x D) : 2.19(d) x 0.54(w) x 0.47(h) in. (5.57 x 1.38 x 1.19cm)

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