HPE MR216i-p Gen10 Plus x16 Lanes without Cache NVMe/SAS 12G Controller



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HPE MR Gen10 Plus Controllers are built with the Silicon Root of Trust from HPE for firmware authentication and support for self-encrypting drives to help ensure protection for data at rest and prevention of malware.

HPE MR216i-p Gen10 Plus x16 lanes No Cache NVMe/SAS 12G Controller

Key Features

Powerful Performance

HPE MR Gen10 Plus Controllers feature the MR416i-a Gen10 Plus, MR416i-p Gen10 Plus, MR216i-a Gen10 Plus, and MR216i-p Gen10 Plus controllers with impressive performance, including up to 13,700 Mbs of bandwidth, 3 million random read IOPS, and 240K RAID5 random write IOPS.

2nd Generation Tri-Mode SerDes

HPE MR Gen10 Plus Controllers are enabled with SerDes for exceptional support of NVMe4/SAS3/SATA protocols.

With Tri-Mode support, achieve the scalability and flexibility you need for shifting business environments.


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